ACE Scholarships gives every student a choice and a chance

ACE Scholarships provides a choice

Scott Reiman contributes to ACE Scholarships and its mission to provide every student with the chance and every family with the choice to better their education.

“We are proud of what ACE has accomplished to date. Over the past 17 years, ACE has provided over 19,000 scholarships worth more than $42 million and has partnered with 149 schools throughout Colorado,” said Reiman. “These scholarships have proven to be a strong investment in Colorado’s future.”

For nearly 20 years, ACE has helped Colorado students living in underserved areas attend private schools and therefore expand their opportunities for the future.

As a result, 90 percent of ACE Scholars graduate high school while 73 percent earn a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Take Brittanie’s story below for instance. Hear how ACE gave her and her family the choice to have a say in her education and allow Brittanie to be herself at school. This is just one of the many examples of how ACE is making a difference for students and their families across the country.

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