Dumb Friends League expands services

Rendering of the new Dumb Friends San Luis Valley Animal Center

The Denver Dumb Friends League has set its sights on a new location, expanding and starting construction a few weeks ago in Alamosa, CO. The new Dumb Friends San Luis Valley Animal Center expects to rescue and care for 2,500 lost, stray and abandoned pets annually.

Not only will the Dumb Friends League expand their services to south-central Colorado, but they also have been

CBS Denver covers Denver Dumb Friends League efforts to reunite pets with owners

The Denver Dumb Friends League is utilizing Finding Rover, a website where individuals can upload pictures of missing or found pets in order to bring them back home.

Scott Reiman is an avid longtime supporter of the Denver Dumb Friends League. Without the compassionate support of community members like Reiman, it would not be able to expand, serve and care for so many animals.

ACE Scholarships “saving grace” during COVID-19

ACE Scholarships provides a choice

ACE Scholarships delivers hope and educational support for low-income families and their children experiencing difficult times.

With a passion for their mission and critical work empowering countless children and families, Hexagon CEO Scott Reiman is an avid contributor and supporter of ACE Scholarships.

Hope, a single mother of three to provide educational opportunities for her children.

ACE Scholarships recently published a list of free resources for families and children, including COVID-19 specific information such as SAME Cafe’s pay-what-you-can meals. Click here to see the ACE Scholarships COVID-19 resource list.

Learn more about Scott Reiman and his philanthropy here.

Reiman supports Denver business leadership

Scott Reiman is one of Colorado’s foremost business leaders. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hexagon, a Denver-based private investment firm and Hexagon’s non-profit Reiman Foundation.  

At Hexagon, Reiman directs a diverse asset portfolio, specializing in energy and minerals, private equity funds, direct investments and real estate.

Under Reiman’s leadership, Hexagon has established a significant portfolio of energy exploration and production investments, as well as strong industry partnerships. While minerals, oil and gas are a primary focus, Hexagon also invests significantly in renewable energy and other natural resources.

FourPoint Energy leadership

Reiman has served on the Board of Managers for FourPoint Energy since 2015.

FourPoint Energy is a private exploration and production company founded by the leadership team of Cordillera Energy Partners following the sale to Apache Corporation in 2012. Read more about FourPoint Energy and its President and CEO George Solich in January’s issue of NAPE Magazine.

Help homeless pets this holiday

Help homeless pets this holiday

It’s the season of giving and this includes giving back to our four-legged friends.

Through December 31, the Denver Dumb Friends League is taking donations to reach its goal of $1 million to help transform the lives of homeless and neglected pets throughout Colorado.

Donations make a real difference in the lives of these furry friends. In 2018, these contributions helped the DDFL bring in and care for more than 21,000 animals and provide services for over 25,000 dogs and cats.

The DDFL is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region—providing a strong, compassionate and steadfast voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and works with the community to help homeless pets and end animal suffering.

Scott Reiman has been a longtime supporter of the DDFL. Without the compassionate support of community members like Reiman, it would not be able to serve and care for so many animals.

ACE Scholarships gives every student a choice and a chance

ACE Scholarships provides a choice

Scott Reiman contributes to ACE Scholarships and its mission to provide every student with the chance and every family with the choice to better their education.

“We are proud of what ACE has accomplished to date. Over the past 17 years, ACE has provided over 19,000 scholarships worth more than $42 million and has partnered with 149 schools throughout Colorado,” said Reiman. “These scholarships have proven to be a strong investment in Colorado’s future.”

For nearly 20 years, ACE has helped Colorado students living in underserved areas attend private schools and therefore expand their opportunities for the future.

As a result, 90 percent of ACE Scholars graduate high school while 73 percent earn a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Take Brittanie’s story below for instance. Hear how ACE gave her and her family the choice to have a say in her education and allow Brittanie to be herself at school. This is just one of the many examples of how ACE is making a difference for students and their families across the country.

Learn more about Scott Reiman and his support for Ace Scholarships.