DU student awarded Reiman Emerging Leader Scholarship

There is no question that to Commencement: Senior, Ariel Chang, receives scholarship for altruism” href=”https://magazine.du.edu/campus-community/countdown-commencement-scholarship-awarded-altruism/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Ariel Cheng is an emerging leader in her community and has a bright future ahead of her.

The University of Denver senior will graduate this month as an international studies major with a minor in communication and art. She will also graduate as the 2015 Scott Reiman Emerging Leader Scholarship recipient.

Every year the Reiman Scholarship is given to exceptional DU students and is awarded by the Quarterly Forum, an organization comprised of Denver community leaders, including Scott Reiman. The program is designed to support the fostering of future leaders and young minds in the state of Colorado.

Each recipient receives $10,000 towards financial support and to help lessen adversities many students face while attending college.

Cheng was accepted for her outstanding leadership and community involvement. More specifically, Cheng is recognized for starting the university’s Mind Club. The purpose of the organization is to de-stigmatize mental illness and raise awareness around campus and within the community.

Cheng coordinates weekly meetings and events to increase awareness among her peers and partners with other organizations to offer a platform for those suffering with mental illness to have a voice, be heard and explore other resources available.

As the namesake for the scholarship, Scott Reiman is committed to supporting and recognizing outstanding students like Cheng. He is dedicated to giving students from all backgrounds every opportunity to succeed.

Cheng plans to take a year off after graduation before heading to law school.