Reiman invests in ACE and the education of future generations

Scott Reiman invests in ACE and education.

For Hexagon Chairman and CEO Scott Reiman, the time to invest in the education of future generations is now.

From early real estate investments in Denver to his role as ACE Scholarships Board of Trustees Co-Chairman, the purpose is always the same: invest in what works and what lasts.

ACE is a lasting investment. For nearly 20 years, the nonprofit has helped Denver students living in underserved areas attend private schools and expand their opportunities through school choice.

“We are proud of what ACE has accomplished to date. Over the past 17 years, ACE has provided over 19,000 scholarships worth more than $42 million, and has partnered with 149 schools throughout Colorado. These scholarships have proven to be a strong investment in Colorado’s future,” says Reiman.

ACE scholarship recipients are twice as likely to graduate from high school and attend college. In Colorado, the ACE Class of 2018 had a 98% high school graduation rate.

Still, there is more that can be done to support choice education for Colorado’s low-income students. While there are more than 380,000 low-income students throughout the state, nearly 11,000 seats remain empty at ACE’s partner schools.

The time is now for these students and ACE Scholarships’ Learning Can’t Wait 2020 Campaign, led by Reiman and fellow Co-Chairman Chris Wright, will ensure more than 1,000 Colorado students have the chance to pick the school that best fits them and sets them up for success.

With Reiman and Wright supporting the effort, ACE Scholarships is making its mark on the community and creating a long-lasting impact through school choice.